OpenOffice Microsoft

Microsoft relies on letters write locks offer, write applications or create balance sheets. Hardly a computer users, who don’t appreciate the benefits of a good Office software. Thereby it depends of many factors, users decide for which program. One aspect is the marketing strategy, the products reach the customers. The online portal for auctions reported in this regard Microsoft’s strategy for the market introduction of Office 2010. The competition among the developers of Office software is great.

Not just since yesterday, there are alternatives to Word and Excel, the programs for word processing and spreadsheet application from Microsoft home. The software giant mainly free programs like OpenOffice or Google Docs make life difficult. Google Docs, for example, makes it possible to work on any PC with an Internet connection. Software and documents are available online, and eliminate the need for an installation. Still has many followers to the Office package on its extensive features not want to do without. Keep it that way, Microsoft equips the new Windows based computer from the coming year with a pre-installed version of Office 2010. The user should learn to appreciate the benefits of the software and forget alternatives. Questionable whether this will be possible.

Finally, Microsoft offering this curl offers only a stripped-down trial version. Many of the users has access only by purchasing the full version. What limitations are there, fails to mention the company so far. It is known, however, that buyers can download the upgrade with an access code on the Internet. Whether the company with this strategy meets the spirit of the time, it will be apparent.