GreeniX Computer

Save energy on your PC – company GreeniX is constantly setting new standards rising energy costs lead to increasing financial burden. The worst electricity guzzlers include whether at home or in the Office with just PCs. GreeniX has made this development contrary to it affect and to develop innovative, energy-efficient computer systems. Green IT means this growing market where also GreeniX positioned itself. The goal is clear: IT industry should in the future offer products that work more energy efficient and save thus, resources and the environment.

“Our slogan is: GreeniX PCs consume less than a light bulb”, says Managing Director of Christian Hoyas to do so. This one put on the interplay between the latest and most energy-efficient hardware components, which are perfectly matched and are optimized in terms of efficiency again. The product is a system with minimal energy consumption and maximum performance. The focus is also on the user customized PCs. The customer should get a PC, the exact his Needs and requirements is equivalent to, but not oversized. Thus, it is to prevent that must be paying for power not needed at the time of purchase and these components cause then still unnecessarily more electricity.

“Most computer users are indeed hardly wondering how much power because their PC actually consumes”, adds the CEO. While this may be annual fast company in the four-digit range. A computer, for example, with a game graphics card is equipped and is used for Office purposes only, so the additional consumption by these is usually alone 70 watts. This affects most quickly on the purse strings. Depending on the type of application of the computer in the Office or at home, up to 85% of the energy costs can be reduced. A bill that goes up in the long term. Conclusion: Energy-efficient computer systems save money and protect the environment even in times of climate change & co.