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More new products: integration of the release candidate from ZUGFeRD-data format and flexibility of design by overview pages Berlin, 31 July 2013. The callas software GmbH (Hall 5, C41), provider of powerful PDF technology for publishing, which showcases print production and document archiving, on the this year’s DMS EXPO in Stuttgart a new version of pdfPilot. At the heart of the 5.0 releases are additional features that users can easily archive emails in PDF/A format. Is part of the standard PDF/A-3 used the electronic messages and attachments in the archive-grade PDF/A format, as well as the original email in a file are linked. In addition, the pdfPilot 5.0 supports the recently available release candidate of the ZUGFeRD data format. ZUGFeRD stands for Central of user guidelines for electronic invoices in Germany”and facilitate future exchanges, as well as the processing of electronic invoices.

In addition, the pdfPilot 5.0 offers more flexible Design options to embed files in the creation of PDF/A-3 pages. The archiving of electronic messages including attachments in different formats is complex, because the long term reproducibility must be ensured. Provider of ECM systems often go all the way and translate emails into their product,”says Dietrich von Valencia, business development manager at callas software. Thus reduces while the mail server, but it is not guaranteed that the E-mails in msg format, for example, are readable in the long term. It’s the same with the attachments in a variety of formats.”callas therefore recommends a consistent email archiving in PDF/A, and has expanded the functionality of its pdfPilot according to.

The new features available in the server version, the desktop version and the software development kit available. The archiving of E-Mails in PDF/A-2-, or PDF/A-3 format is either automatically or manually. The user, for example, defines which deposited rules, E-Mails in which part are archived or like the pdfPilot attachments you want to process.