Joachim Schellenberg

Integrate phone and eMail, networking sites, virtual service center make Walldorf, the 1 September 2013 instead of Facebook, Twitter and co. have priority other topics in German contact centers. The investigation comes to this realization perspectives 2015 Status Quo and trends in the contact center market”by Strateco and altitude software. Therefore, tasks, such as the integration of telephone and eMail, networking sites, and the formation of virtual service center burn the decision-makers in German contact centers much hotter under the nails. For the ECENTA AG, the study shows that in many places from a technological perspective yet a future-proof Foundation must be laid. The company from Walldorf sees great potentials here for IP-based communications platforms.

In recent years the impression was often, as only about apps, social media, and similar topics would revolve. As we now see, pushes the shoe in many cases in different places”, explains Joachim Schellenberg, Manager business Development at the ECENTA AG. Of course there are exciting trend themes, which will play a greater role in the future, but currently, yet often the necessary basics, must be created, for example, through an IP based communication platform.” The study found that almost 60 percent of those surveyed call the theme of platforms, systems and technologies”as currently the most important task, followed by the optimisation of processes. The integration of social media and similar channels ranked with 18 percent knocked off on the fourth rank. It is also worth noting that 53 percent of all respondents in contact centers work, which are represented in more than one place.

However, less than a quarter of the branches are integrated or interconnected. Here, it is clear that there is still great need to catch up. Linking different locations caused by virtual contact center offers great potentials for synergies and improve the quality of service, because resources can be used more” Joachim Schellenberg reported.