Water Collection System

Moreover, the system of pluvial and effluent water collection is inefficacious, fact that could be concluded from the visit to the city and for the information of that the water of the river Itabirito downstream of the municipal headquarters is me the quality. This course d? water is fit as Classroom 2, according to item 10, stretch 20 of DN COPAM n20/97 (IGAM, 2009). It is praised that an interception of the effluent domestic servants could be carried through and, later, the guiding of these for the station of treatment of effluent. According to SAAE, the system of current supplying of the city is based on the captation in 2 sources, Carioca stream and stream of the Bao, both with 48 outflow of l/s, totalizing 96 l/s. Beyond the superficial captations, it has others in artesian wells, the 10 equivalents l/s. In accordance with concessionaire, the supplying system is efficient.

For a reason or purpose information, makes use in the GRAPH the 1 amount of grants in validity published, how much the superficial and underground captations, in the city of Itabirito, according to data base of the IGAM (2009). Graph 1? Amount of grants in the city of Itabirito.Fonte: IGAM, 2009.3.1.5 HidrogeologiO city of Itabirito confers with three tipologias of aquferos: granular, fissurado and mixing (IBRAM, 2003). The granular one is characterized by the storage and hdrica condutividade by means of the pores of the ground. This aqufero is represented by the detrticas coverings tertiary-quaternary concernentes to the mantle of alteration of constitution (arenaceous, argillaceous, siltoso) varied as the region. This granular system is important, depending on its composition, therefore it contributes for recharge of the fissurados aquferos, which if find sotopostos to this. Moreover, the permeability of the intemperismo mantle influences in protection against percolating of contaminantes for the subsoil, diminishing the natural vulnerability of underground waters. In the system of fissurado aqufero, the water is restrained in the breakings of the rocks.