Hydraulic System

It develops a maximum output of 405 hp and a maximum torque of 560 Nm. Patrol equipped with a 7-speed automatic transmission with a wide range of gear ratios. In the new world's first Patrol installed hydraulic system limits body movements (HBMC), developed by Nissan. It provides the most stable position of the body, reducing its cross-roll when cornering or changing a lane. Thus, the system provides comfort while traveling in an urban environment and excellent stability on uneven or snow-covered roads. Patrol received a new independent suspension all four wheels (upgraded from the previous design with not a bridge).

Thanks to the new and HBMC suspension with increased speed greatly improved handling and stability PATROL for off-road. PATROL is equipped with a completely redesigned all-wheel drive ALL MODE 4×4 system with integrated mode selection system, which allows the driver to easily select driving mode – "sand", "roads", "snow" or "stones". PATROL is also equipped with auxiliary systems for hill start (HSA) and controlled descent (HDC), which included one button. New PATROL equipped with an advanced control system, tire pressure (TPMS) with an indicator of pressure in each tire. The modernized, more efficient braking system provides a new Nissan PATROL most high braking for vehicles in its class.

It is achieved thanks to a new hydraulic brake booster, extended front brake discs (diameter 358 mm) and 4-piston caliper boxer location. Interior PATROL also been greatly upgraded – in the trim is commonly used leather, aluminum and wood. Patrol continues to be the most spacious car in its class. It can "Boast" wider, higher and deeper front seats. Nissan designers paid special attention to passenger comfort second line – the foot has become much more, in addition, a new infotainment system with DVD-two seven-inch display, built-in headrests of front seats. PATROL has six airbags and a fully updated climate control system, in which first in the world using so-called "air curtain". Small, but effective air ducts installed above each of the side windows, creating powerful air flow direction desired temperature. So way, a "air curtain" which becomes a kind of barrier, not allowing for open windows, outside air to penetrate into the interior. "We have paid special attention to the driver and passengers PATROL, focusing on providing first-class comfort. A new generation of luxury car is different and more spacious interior and improved noise insulation. At the same time we maintained excellent "Terrain" ability NISSAN PATROL , – stressed Hiroyuki Fushiki (Hiroyuki Fushiki), project leader and a leading expert on the development of cars in this segment. Sales in Ukraine new Patrol will begin early next year at a price of 89 000 cu All those who wish to learn a new Patrol feel its comfort and luxury of "Atlant-M na Gagarina" invites 14, 15, and October 16, visit the auto center at Kharkov, Gagarin Avenue, 185 / 1. Telephone: (057) 766-8-766.