The Roof

One of the most common multilayer structures – sandwich wall panels. This is reinforced shell filled with various insulators, such as mineral wool, cellular concrete, gas or foam concrete, penokeramzit, Styrofoam. The service life of such walls is calculated in decades. roof roof is called an upper membrane roof which protects the house from negative outside influences. The materials used for roofing slate, roofing, tiles, decking, etc. It should be remembered that in the case of roof damage from external penetrating impacts may be affected and other elements of the building. Therefore, when choosing material for the roof should pay special attention to the parameters of longevity. For example, manufacturers warranty on materials for pitched roofs are as follows: for metal – 5-15 years old, on a soft shingles – 15-25 years, natural tile – 20-50 years.

It is assumed that the real life of a soft metal and at least 2-3 times greater than the warranty, and durability natural tile may reach 100 years. However, despite the fact that the roof is an essential element of the building are often faced with the fact that even during the construction process there are leakages, as, for example, flat roof made of asphalt and bitumen-polymeric materials may be unsuitable for use for only 3-5 years. Meanwhile, practice shows that the roll of bitumen-polymer materials with negniyuschey basis able to provide real life of the roof up to 20-30 years. Cause the same rapid failure of the soft roll roofing are errors encountered in the design solutions, as well as poor quality of roofing work builders.