The Quality

The uses of such information systems is you decides you put into practice actions. These systems ploughs applied you any subject that manipulate dates or information related you the particular a place in space, and that its elements can be represented in map, such homes, schools, hospitals, and only on. Often the volume of information makes the quality of information, but also the union of the important factors will be wise decision. This is where collaboration between the systems of Geoprocessing and GIS mainly. Around the world in which we live, today, where technology evolves lives and lives, and its development is only rapid, that even the news that ploughs you flow, since most ploughs not new, the Geoprocessing not be different, because that makes uses of the development of technology you ease the difficulties, and is nothing lives than the combination of technologies will be collecting, processing, development and uses of georeferenced information. The IMPORTANCE OF the GEOPROCESSAMENTO IN the AUDITORSHIP AND AMBIENT SKILL the geoprocessamento makes use tools, resources and data where the analysts obtain to recognize the secular and space evolution of one determined geographic phenomenon and its linking with others. It is a technology that involves all the formation areas, does not demand question some to be applied, that is, any specialist can to make use of its technology to benefit in its research or works.

However to make its use, it is necessary that the concepts you discipline of them are transformed into computational representations. These computational tools are characterized as systems of geographic information or for acronym SIG, as more it is known, where allow that it is carried through more complex and extensive analyses, involving given of diverse sources and forming georreferenciados data bases. It still facilitates the possibility to automatize the cartographic document production. Using instruments as images of satellite, air photographs, maps, specific applicatory data base and, the geoprocessamento makes possible the generation of analyses and necessary information for the taking of fast and efficient decision, consisting, therefore in an important instrument in the planning of action in the ambient area.