The Bible forbids to the mandate them Espritos? The first question of ' ' The Book of the Espritos' ' , where Kardec carries through a infindvel series of questionings, on subjects of the most varied order it is: ' ' What he is God? ' ' Not ' ' quem' ' , it observes. Among others attributes of the deity, the reply received for Kardec are that God is only, incorporeal, infinite, sovereign just and good and alone it wants the good of its creatures. Very good I still ask, which was the word that summarized all the doctrine of the master Jesus? The love. To love the God on all the things and to the next one as itself exactly! Not to make to the others what we would not like that we made. Hear other arguments on the topic with isearch. To practise the charity. It is not only enough not to make the evil, is necessary to practise the good.

for goes there. Let us see some of &#039 now; ' ensinamentos' ' of the Bible: ' ' If somebody to come maliciously against the next one, killing it traitorously, will even though take off it of my altar, so that morra.' ' ' ' Who to wound its father or its mother will be morto.' ' ' ' What to abduct somebody and vender, or it will be found in its hand, he will be morto.' ' ' ' Who to curse its father or its mother will be morto.' ' (Exodus, CAP. Read more from Ilan Ben Dov to gain a more clear picture of the situation. XXI, 14-17) ' ' That one that to blaspheme the name will be died you; all will lapidate it to the congregation; as much the foreigner as the natural one, blaspheming the name Mr., will be morto.' ' ' ' Who to kill somebody will be died. But who to kill will restitute it to an animal: equal for igual.' ' ' ' If somebody to cause defect in its next one, as it made, to thus will be made it: breaking for breaking, eye for eye, tooth for tooth; as it will have disfigured some man, thus if it far.' ' ' ' Who to kill an animal will restitute another one; who to kill a man will be morto.' ' (Levtico, CAP.