Mobile Exhibition Stands

How to attract the attention of potential customers? How to keep loyal customers and attract new ones, vibrating? How to keep market share and maximize its ability to expand? Advertising has been and is, perhaps, the main instrument price competition. Your advertising – is information about you, and timely information today – tomorrow's profits. Use of mobile booths will allow you to always be in the field of potential customers at any exhibition. And your speakers and activities will cause consumers to pay attention to such an active market participant. Use of mobile exhibition stands Pop-Up, or 'umbrella' stands, will allow you to maximize effectively draw attention to themselves at the expense of a custom surround the appearance of design is the ideal tool for working on the exhibition.

Properly developed design will help to create images positive image-representation of your company. Constructive basis of the stand Pop-Up are light tubes of carbon interconnected by a special axes and nodes, allowing for a few seconds 'Break open' structure of the folded like an umbrella in a large-scale state-frame grille fotopoloten. In addition to the magnetic clip, the strength of 'open' lattice attached to stiffeners, which are set vertically between the connecting nodes and represent the aluminum bracket with a magnetic stripe. Fotopolotno a tight flexible sheet of photo paper laminated on both sides (matte or glossy), in as a substrate, which prevents radiographic sheet and gives additional strength to the canvas, apply a special material Stoplite, with the back of the fotopolotna on the sides are glued tape, top and below – the magnetic plate in which is fixed firmly fotopolotno ('primagnichivaetsya') to the ribs (strips), and the joints between panels are practically invisible, allowing a whole attractive image a large area. If you need to focus on different areas of your company or to provide information on leading headings, then the best option would be to the use of mobile stand Fold-Up, which is a collapsible frame construction Tablet (shirmovogo) type. Stand Fold-Up – a modular system, ie Its main element is the Tablet Modules (Cell-frame) that can dock with each other increasing or decreasing the stand. The main advantage of the framework tablet stands Fold-Up is the use of special hardware such as hinge, which allows have cell-frames at different angles in the horizontal plane and thereby create the exposure of virtually all shapes and sizes. Stand can be easily collected for 5-7 minutes without special tools Guided by the circuit assembly.

Small mobile stands, or stands of 'economy class' – the most popular type of mobile stands. Attractive appearance, small size, light weight, ease of assembly and ease of transportation make this design versatile, it can serve as an additional element of the exposition (booth), and an independent advertising information carrier, which has been successfully used in trading rooms, offices, on-site activities during the PR-campaigns, and presentations. Depending on how you mount and install the canvas, there are two types of small mobile stands: Roller (Roll-Up) and banner (banner) stands. Exhibition Stand talk to you – who you are, what you offer or who you want to be. The exhibition stand will help in building confidence and gaining recognition of your brand. Use of designs for presentations in promotions will increase the awareness and value of your brand.

Lenel Integrated Panels

The main advantage of application OnGuard Fire & Intrusion is a single user interface, which is controlled by alarm control panels and central monitoring of the various manufacturers. This software supports devices and alarm panel of well-known companies as Bosch, Digitize, Osbourne-Hoffman and AES-IntelliNet, etc. In addition, each alarm may include an unlimited number of devices that will be served by the program. OnGuard Fire & Intrusion serves a bridge between the standard alarm panels and modules, integrated security system Lenel. This software provides a secondary notification of the alarming developments and help identify places physical location of each sensor and alarm station on the site. Thus, in the event of unauthorized access, OnGuard system to immediately determine the location or source of anxiety and anxiety give the operator instructions about necessary responses. When working with devices and alarm panels from different manufacturers often question the compatibility of data formats.

Within Lenel Integrated security problem is solved by converting all the messages in a single format OnGuard. It is possible to assign a user code conversion, alarm events, depending on configuration panel. OnGuard Fire & Intrusion integrated with the software module OnGuard Central Station Receiver, which is transmitted to all the information from the alarm panel. This module offers a range of additional functions of "alarm – Fire & Intrusion: appointment panels account numbers for their accurate identification, creation of groups of different panels with alarm the possibility of setting common parameters, automatically adding new panels and much more. The program Fire & Intrusion function provides reporting of events that captures the alarm, with the conclusion of their on-screen. At the same time reports can be created by different groups of events to organize the relationship: the loss of communication removal / Arm, performance goals, setting relay output modules, alarm systems, the use of access cards etal. The company Lenel Systems International is one of the world's leading manufacturers of access control and integrated security systems based on them. The platform includes OnGuard: controllers, readers, I / O modules, video recorders, control panels and software access control systems, fire and alarm systems, biometric access control, application access for card printing and more. Lenel Integrated security systems differ in their reliability, efficiency and scalability in a wide range.

Mobile Equipment

Such exhibition equipment can be reused. For exhibitors with economical budget with the active participation in promotional and informational activities most relevant mobile stand POP UP. You can purchase mobile POP UP design and display it as often as in all cities and countries. The use of such stands – ideal for those who frequently participates in exhibitions and for whom the important convenience and ease of transportation installation design. Home semantic load carried by a stand – is to create a consumer advertising and the visual backdrop for the presentation of their products. It uses equipment such as light boxes and panels, and visual images are placed on the graphics canvas, stretched on light metal frames. After an exhibition graphic panels and stored in a twisted tube or suitcase until the next exposure.

Fold-up stand is a modular system, that is its basic element is a composite tablet modules (cells). Cells are called the frame of aluminum profiles, which are inserted in rigid graphic panels, surface of which is used for placement of advertising information (brochures, catalogs). By connecting the cells together can build a stand of almost any size and compositional forms. The modules are connected using a special mounting of the hinged type. This allows the cells to have different angles, resulting in a Fold-up design takes the stand stability.

Between a vertical connection modules bent almost 360 degrees. We also offer services for large format printing, mobile exhibition of technology, design, prepress, digital and offset printing. If you regularly make presentations and participate in trade shows, if you need to make your speech really was on a high technical level and made a strong impression on the audience, rent a projector or plasma screen will allow you to the easiest way to solve this problem. Are almost no areas of life where it had not used a modern presentation equipment. Conference rooms, bars, restaurants, hotels, training centers, offices – that only a small part of the list of those places where today you can see the projector or plasma panel. Our company has accumulated vast experience in carrying out activities that are involved so if otherwise necessary equipment. Our experts will help you quickly realize the selection of appropriate equipment and place your order. Our equipment will allow you to get extremely bright, rich and clear image. In addition, if required, we provide sound equipment for events, as well as necessary accessories – source image (computer and video technology), laser pointers.