Mobile Exhibition Stands

How to attract the attention of potential customers? How to keep loyal customers and attract new ones, vibrating? How to keep market share and maximize its ability to expand? Advertising has been and is, perhaps, the main instrument price competition. Your advertising – is information about you, and timely information today – tomorrow's profits. Use of mobile booths will allow you to always be in the field of potential customers at any exhibition. And your speakers and activities will cause consumers to pay attention to such an active market participant. Use of mobile exhibition stands Pop-Up, or 'umbrella' stands, will allow you to maximize effectively draw attention to themselves at the expense of a custom surround the appearance of design is the ideal tool for working on the exhibition.

Properly developed design will help to create images positive image-representation of your company. Constructive basis of the stand Pop-Up are light tubes of carbon interconnected by a special axes and nodes, allowing for a few seconds 'Break open' structure of the folded like an umbrella in a large-scale state-frame grille fotopoloten. In addition to the magnetic clip, the strength of 'open' lattice attached to stiffeners, which are set vertically between the connecting nodes and represent the aluminum bracket with a magnetic stripe. Fotopolotno a tight flexible sheet of photo paper laminated on both sides (matte or glossy), in as a substrate, which prevents radiographic sheet and gives additional strength to the canvas, apply a special material Stoplite, with the back of the fotopolotna on the sides are glued tape, top and below – the magnetic plate in which is fixed firmly fotopolotno ('primagnichivaetsya') to the ribs (strips), and the joints between panels are practically invisible, allowing a whole attractive image a large area. If you need to focus on different areas of your company or to provide information on leading headings, then the best option would be to the use of mobile stand Fold-Up, which is a collapsible frame construction Tablet (shirmovogo) type. Stand Fold-Up – a modular system, ie Its main element is the Tablet Modules (Cell-frame) that can dock with each other increasing or decreasing the stand. The main advantage of the framework tablet stands Fold-Up is the use of special hardware such as hinge, which allows have cell-frames at different angles in the horizontal plane and thereby create the exposure of virtually all shapes and sizes. Stand can be easily collected for 5-7 minutes without special tools Guided by the circuit assembly.

Small mobile stands, or stands of 'economy class' – the most popular type of mobile stands. Attractive appearance, small size, light weight, ease of assembly and ease of transportation make this design versatile, it can serve as an additional element of the exposition (booth), and an independent advertising information carrier, which has been successfully used in trading rooms, offices, on-site activities during the PR-campaigns, and presentations. Depending on how you mount and install the canvas, there are two types of small mobile stands: Roller (Roll-Up) and banner (banner) stands. Exhibition Stand talk to you – who you are, what you offer or who you want to be. The exhibition stand will help in building confidence and gaining recognition of your brand. Use of designs for presentations in promotions will increase the awareness and value of your brand.