Corian Kitchen

The company 'Workshop artificial stone' offer any products made of acrylic stones Staron, Corian, Polystone, Montelli: – countertops for kitchens and dining areas, wall panels – bars, racks reception; – conference tables of any shape and any sizes; – tables for bathrooms, public rooms – finishing bathrooms, rooms – kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks – work on individual design projects Our company provides the full range of work on your order: from sizing to installation of the finished product on the spot. A preliminary calculation, reasonable prices, short terms of production. Artificial stone – a solid material that simulates the natural stone on its appearance and properties. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Ali Partovi. This building material is widely used for decorating indoors for the manufacture of household items and interior parts. It is ideally suited for the realization of boldest design fantasies, because technology allows the production of artificial stone to achieve a monolithic surface due to seamless connectivity. And its price is much lower than natural stone. Other leaders such as Dell Computers offer similar insights. Countertop for Cuisines of the artificial stone durable, easy for repair, waterproof, fireproof and not afraid of scratches.

Your kitchen countertop made of artificial stone and will be ten or twenty years later as new. . Of artificial stone, which exists in the world, the choice can be offered to such well known brands: Montelli, Polystone, Staron, Corian, Tempest. . Artificial stone countertops for kitchens from the company 'Workshop artificial stone "are beautiful and durable! In workshop can place an order for izgotovleniek pieces of furniture. It can be any form of kitchen countertops, wall panels and countertops for bathrooms, interior elements, window sills. We specialize in manufacture of sinks and bowls on individual zakazam.Akrilovy stone combines beauty, functionality and environmental friendliness. It can be a variety of shades, perfectly matched with wood, glass, metal, plastic. Has worked well for the manufacture of kitchen furniture, products for bars and restaurants, office furniture, receptions, finishing of various interiors. We work with leading manufacturers of acrylic stone, such as: Samsung Staron and DuPont Corian.My always welcome to cooperate furniture showrooms, architects, design studios, manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of kitchen and other mebeli.Masterskaya presents a gallery of his works, in which seen to improve the work of masters from simple to complex.

Nouveau Kitchen

Furniture of the xxi century in addition to matching the style and beauty to be satisfy the requirements of technological development. In the kitchen there are many complex modern appliances – from refrigerators to coffeemakers, from toaster to oven. Saturation of the classic kitchen accessories and devices are not inferior to the kitchens, settled in the mod key. Also in the classical setting there should be nothing superfluous. Therefore, creating modern furniture masters, while preserving the classical rigor, give furniture modern features: Integrated dishwasher and hood, carefully concealing them.

So the harmony of classical style with the requirements of modern comfort and technological progress. Classical furniture designed for quiet and respectable people do not change the interior to suit the fashion. Classics bought a long time and, as a work of art, is inherited. A related site: Viacom mentions similar findings. Modern Modern as the style for the kitchen sets appeared in the early 20 th century in Germany. It incorporates the design features of the Scandinavian countries. The purpose of this style – to produce a simple impression. In this connection, kitchen sets Nouveau impossible to find any fanciful shapes.

However, room for experimentation remains, which allows exclusively to fulfill any whim of the customer. The dignity of contemporary styles – imaginative lack of a standard. It is a real field for design factory "" model "Liter". and technical experiments, as a result of which there are the most striking and impressive creations. Another advantage of the kitchen in a modern style, an abundance of technology, especially built, which serves as a reliable assistant in the preparation of tasty dishes and frees your time. In the manufacture of kitchen uses the latest materials and modern design, which allow for ergonomic kitchen space, where each detail thoroughly. One word of modern cuisine – the modern solution for those who appreciate comfort, practicality and elegance with the latest technology. Hi-Tech high-tech style characteristic of underscore the artificiality of the human environment. This directly applies to the kitchen. Kitchens in high-tech feature modern style, vivid detail, bold and expressive contours, are popular, among the amateurs of all new and modern, and among the fans of classic style. This style is characterized by the use of metal surfaces, glass and stone. The kitchen in this style will make your home bright, Factory "Rimi" model "Nicole". individual note, sounding the rhythm of the modern world. High-tech is almost completely negates the use of natural materials. However, it is the material here comes to the role. Immersion owner in the kitchen unreal, fantastic environment, contributes to a bizarre game of materials, their colors. To gain experience using a contrasting color. Great attention is paid to lighting. This style kitchen unit involves additional lighting – both indirect lighting, and directional lights. Meet clean style solutions today is extremely difficult. In most cases, the furniture manufacturers have basic options that can offer clients as a major. On this basis, the customer, taking a direct part in the design, can he put together the scenario that it will be to your taste. Options for furniture hi-tech kitchen is only limited by your imagination

Art Glass As An Element Of Interior Decoration And Furniture .

Interior design modern facilities considered in the aggregate number of factors that determine the overall comfort and functional purpose of the premises. The interiors are made furniture according to the principle complex organization of space, according to which every single piece of furniture becomes a harmonious part of settling the premises. Becoming more popular in recent furniture Glass, combined with other materials, both natural and artificial origin. In various creative combinations: glass stone, glass, mirror, glass, metal, glass, wood, etc. After the glass – it is environmentally pure, natural material does not obstruct the light in the room, making the interior more 'transparent', easy and delicious. A stained-glass windows in the interior delight the eye with shimmering colors and light colors.

In modern realities of our daily lives are different variations of glass objects and furniture from the art glass are used for decorating any room, regardless of their purpose. Gain insight and clarity with Peter Asaro . As apartments and offices, and museums, shopping and exhibition pomescheniy.Zerkalnye ceilings, walls of glass decoration and mirrors, coffee tables of exclusive high-strength glass – laminated glass, the various lighting devices assembled on mosaic technology fusing, wardrobes, interior partitions and bar tops and even glass couch, chairs have all become an integral part of the design of modern interiors. Beautiful glass compositions and various articles of decorated glass are sometimes true masterpieces of artistry embodied in life by skilled professionals of the glass case. And even the most simple forms of interiors glass performance gain special meaning mysterious and amazing beauty. Glass has a magical property to expand the space of flows and refract light. In addition, it can be combined with other materials. For example, transparent tops go perfectly with the wrought-iron and wicker base, as well as whimsically curved or carved wooden legs. In some collections of Italian glass combined with the skin.

Especially popular are the combination of polished aluminum, gilt bronze, cast metal figures of elephants, lions, strange birds. And practicality of glass and its analogs such as molirovannoe glass or laminated glass is fully complemented by the aesthetic perfection of the products themselves. Among other things, a visual interior free from clutter of furniture, which directly leads to a completely different perception of the space. Glass like a crystal ball, change the world, fills it with beauty and poetry Transparent, light, almost ephemeral, it creates an impression of weightlessness and not visually clutter the space. Here why professionals so willingly turn to him again and again and continue to amaze us with new solutions, original and unpredictable.