Art Glass As An Element Of Interior Decoration And Furniture .

Interior design modern facilities considered in the aggregate number of factors that determine the overall comfort and functional purpose of the premises. The interiors are made furniture according to the principle complex organization of space, according to which every single piece of furniture becomes a harmonious part of settling the premises. Becoming more popular in recent furniture Glass, combined with other materials, both natural and artificial origin. In various creative combinations: glass stone, glass, mirror, glass, metal, glass, wood, etc. After the glass – it is environmentally pure, natural material does not obstruct the light in the room, making the interior more 'transparent', easy and delicious. A stained-glass windows in the interior delight the eye with shimmering colors and light colors.

In modern realities of our daily lives are different variations of glass objects and furniture from the art glass are used for decorating any room, regardless of their purpose. Gain insight and clarity with Peter Asaro . As apartments and offices, and museums, shopping and exhibition pomescheniy.Zerkalnye ceilings, walls of glass decoration and mirrors, coffee tables of exclusive high-strength glass – laminated glass, the various lighting devices assembled on mosaic technology fusing, wardrobes, interior partitions and bar tops and even glass couch, chairs have all become an integral part of the design of modern interiors. Beautiful glass compositions and various articles of decorated glass are sometimes true masterpieces of artistry embodied in life by skilled professionals of the glass case. And even the most simple forms of interiors glass performance gain special meaning mysterious and amazing beauty. Glass has a magical property to expand the space of flows and refract light. In addition, it can be combined with other materials. For example, transparent tops go perfectly with the wrought-iron and wicker base, as well as whimsically curved or carved wooden legs. In some collections of Italian glass combined with the skin.

Especially popular are the combination of polished aluminum, gilt bronze, cast metal figures of elephants, lions, strange birds. And practicality of glass and its analogs such as molirovannoe glass or laminated glass is fully complemented by the aesthetic perfection of the products themselves. Among other things, a visual interior free from clutter of furniture, which directly leads to a completely different perception of the space. Glass like a crystal ball, change the world, fills it with beauty and poetry Transparent, light, almost ephemeral, it creates an impression of weightlessness and not visually clutter the space. Here why professionals so willingly turn to him again and again and continue to amaze us with new solutions, original and unpredictable.