Nash Technologies

mdex and Nash Technologies establish strategic partnership for comprehensive testing of m2m solutions Hannover/Tangstedt / Nurnberg, April 9, 2010 – the communication of machine to machine (m2m) is becoming increasingly important. The automated data exchange of machines dedicated to the upcoming Hannover Messe (19 to 23 April) for example a separate competence day where on 21 April, the possibilities are being discussed, m2m business processes to optimize, to shorten response times to identify bugs earlier and to minimize downtime. Also this year’s CeBIT had in March its own m2m zone set up, to take account of the growing importance of the sector. Just the Tangstedter mdex GmbH has a strategic partnership of Nuremberg Nash technologies GmbH founded, which allows the customers of the m2m specialists by mdex extensive testing on your live network. Therefore it is now possible mdex customers their mobile radio-controlled m2m communication solutions before, Implementation in the field in real mobile network conditions to check.

Nash Technologies has a 25 square kilometers large and unique in Europe test network, in which almost all network parameters can be individually simulated. Objective of the partnership is to allow highest reliability for the mobile radio-based m2m communication solutions and thus utmost investment safety for users. The network of Nash technologies adapts according to the company exactly on the needs of the customers. mdex, experts for the development of mobile phone infrastructure and end-to-end testing of mobile networks especially if a m2m communications solution has to meet complex requirements correctly recommends the pre-testing in the live network of Nuremberg. This includes about the behavior of the mobile m2m solution under various network conditions such as high network load, poor reception, disconnects, or a variety of handover scenarios. This can not only the handover between two cells be tested, but also the technology change from UMTS on GPRS and back. The same applies for stationary solutions are located in the border area between the two cells and so on the basis of the cellular respiration\”frequent changes of cell must accomplish.