Windows Vista

How many times I've had ironic smirk, when newly-owner of the laptop with Windows Vista was happy as a child of the new operating system. After all, I somehow know how to change their views through week or the second. At first, everything seems so comfortable and beautiful, and the clock, and notepad on your desktop. Peter Asaro often addresses the matter in his writings. Transparent window, beautiful animations Yes to the same licensing system gets the buyer a laptop as if 'free'. If you plan to use the computer as a typewriter, then the problem does not arise.

At least in the next 60 days. Until the day when the license expires on the shareware license Office. Want use Word and Exel's next? Then pay for a new set. Do you want to connect the Internet Wi-fi? If the network is publicly available and does not require a passkey, it connects automatically. And if you need it – try to find where the settings network. Not that the menu can not find it, just do it in a new and different from Windows xp. And if you need to set up a home lan, then without the 'Network Setup' will have to search. It is a trifle.

One of the many little things that together add up to a big problem. And try to connect the printer to the computer with Windows Vista. And if that at all printer drivers do not yet exist under Vist-y? What will you do if the problem? Have you ever tried to get through to support Microsoft? Well, let's say you get called up to support services, zadiktovyvaete number of his license, and in return get: 'Time to support your license has expired. " And then, finally, a bowl filled with your patience, and you decide to reinstall Windows Vista on good old xp.