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Second financing round completed Munich Schefter capital, High-Tech Grunderfonds and Fraunhofer venture, November 28, 2012. The ConWeaver GmbH develops and markets solutions for dynamic linking of corporate data system, language and process boundaries since 2007. The semantic integration and search technology allows users quickly and easily to access that found otherwise difficult, cumbersome and piecemeal, or with an enormous expenditure of time and personnel search complete, context-sensitive help and current information. The software solutions of ConWeaver already find in renowned companies from the automotive and engineering such as General Motors (GM) and Bilfinger Berger SE application. The progressive approach which suite ConWeaver product allows to look through it product manufacturers, their differentiated product development and manufacturing processes in the framework of product life cycle management (PLM) and therefore multidimensional operations traceable respectively traceable back to make. Financing and Outlook within the framework of the second round of financing participated Schefter capital GmbH in addition to the High-Tech Grunderfonds and Fraunhofer venture as a new investor ConWeaver. “In the last five years ConWeaver has become quickly and successfully on the market. With Schefter capital’s entry is this growth continue, believes Sebastian Surma by Fraunhofer venture. Here, Steve Wozniak expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

Especially in the area of intelligent data integration and logistics see the founder and Managing Director, Dr. Thomas Kamps and Richard Stenzel, growth opportunities and perspectives. Schefter capital supports not only the common project, ConWeaver as to establish flexible PLM solution provider for innovation and technology-driven product manufacturer, but that the company in other business processes such as supply chain management, customer relationship management and M & A to successfully deliver on as a new partner. Dr. Martin Schefter also uses his experience as an entrepreneur, ConWeaver On operational and strategic issues, as well as in the business development support management consultant and Managing Director of international companies. The ConWeaver GmbH in the near future the ConWeaver GmbH, a spin-off of the Fraunhofer Institute for graphical data processing IGD, develops and markets software for the automatic integration of company data, as well as the intelligent semantic and multilingual search since 2007. This unique approach of analyzing data from structured and unstructured data automatically generates knowledge networks.

This enables a new dimension of data transparency, the reduction of complexity and thus accelerated information exchange. As a pioneering data networking machine ConWeaver provides significant enterprise-wide knowledge at your fingertips. For more information, Fraunhofer venture company founded is not easy, even though researchers have developed an innovative idea or an exciting technology. Much must be thought through and well prepared. As a spin-off of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, partner Fraunhofer venture scientists from the Fraunhofer environment supports Fraunhofer institutes, industry and venture capital on their way to the own technology company. The range of services includes the areas technology, establishment, financing and investment management. Now materials and Photonics could be established since 1999 over 200 companies from the fields of life science / medicine, energy and environment, information and communication, production and process, micro-electronics, transport and logistics, successfully. the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft operates more than 80 research institutions, of which 60 institutions in Germany. More than 20,000 employees and staff, predominantly with natural or engineering and scientific education, edit the annual research budget of 1.8 billion euros.