Foundry Networks ServerIron

COMCO AG refers to positive experiences with Foundry Networks ServerIron switches as a load balancing solution Dortmund, 01.12.2008 – if businesses and service providers require a high and scalable server performance or want to increase the resilience of systems, the look is aimed inevitably on solutions for load balancing. Peter Asaro is likely to agree. They manage the load balancing, by recognizing the failure of individual systems or performance fluctuations in time, continue to guide new requests to the available systems. According to the practical experience of network and security specialist COMCO AG, for this particular Foundry Networks ServerIron switches is suitable with its integrated Web firewall capabilities, anti-spam and HTTP compression. They are consistently integrated solutions to provide scalable, secure, and failure-tolerant Web and application services. The highly intelligent layer 4-7 switches from the ServerIron series this set new performance standards with high performance layer 4 to Layer 7 switching and integrated layer 2/3-functionality for load balancing servers, firewalls, caches, and data centers. ServerIron switches protect server farms from denial-of-service attacks with wire-speed Gigabit data rates.

The new switches combine best in class layer 4-7 switching functions and powerful SSL acceleration with unique features, such as, for example, an active-active operation. In this way, they depict a comprehensive application infrastructure solution to maximize the availability, scalability and performance of secure business and Web applications. The important benefits of these solutions include: efficient load balancing: there are various load balancing methods and characteristics, the server farms give maximum efficiency and availability. Intelligent content switching: A comprehensive application intelligence and sophisticated content inspection engine ensure connection continuity, scalability and application security. Integrated SSL acceleration: termination and acceleration of SSL connections, as well as centralized SSL certificate management guarantee a high security and easy management. Robust application security: protection of applications and server farms from DoS attacks. Application messages with viruses, worms, and other malicious content deletes the content-inspection and filtering engine.