Balkans Alternative

The train of Deutsche Bahn offers some opportunities for car travel to Spain, France, Italy and the Balkans. If every year in summer the German car caravans towards southern Europe, there is a traffic jam-free alternative: the car-train of the Deutsche Bahn. This train usually called car train of holidaymakers, transports automobiles and motorcycles of travellers alongside human train riders. After numerous train connections between Germany and southern European countries passed in the 1990s, the railway has slashed the offered routes later. Therefore, it is for example, no longer possible to get directly to the car-train in the top travel destination in Spain. But there is a reasonable alternative. Connections to France and Spain in France of German train has two destination stations: Avignon and Narbonne.

Avignon is located in Provence, close to the busy Cote d’Azur. Narbonne is located only 100 km away from the French Spanish border and is therefore important stopover for Spain vacationers. Thanks to the loading terminal in Narbonne, the Costa Brava and Barcelona have moved within striking distance. Also the distance to the Costa Dorada is likely not deter most motorists. However, the coasts of Costa Blanca and Costa are away, de Sol already many hundreds of kilometres from Narbonne so that a flight seems more reasonable. After Italy and the Balkans in particular the Northern Italy is very accessible connections. Here are the Autozug-terminals Alessandria, Bolzano, Verona and Trieste.

Who would continue in the South of Italy, selects the best the destination station of Verona. From here, the cheapest transport links be direction of Tuscany. As for southern Spain similarly for the southern Italian resorts: who would like to spend your holidays, is better with a flight. The Italian Trieste is an ideal destination for Balkan travel with the car train. Many attractive beaches in Slovenia and Croatia are just a few kilometres from Trieste. There is yet another for the Balkans Alternative: by the Austrian Villach station, in which the German train making station, Slovenia and Croatia are easy to reach also.