Multiplayer Online

Sony playstation 3 – game console of the seventh generation of the account is the third in its family of video game consoles 'playstation'. ps 3 is not just a game system next generation, and powerful media entertainment center. You can use it will be playing in unbelievable by today's standards, games, watch movies, high quality (Blu-ray disk, dvd, CD), listen to music, surf the Internet (WiFi, Ethernet), to communicate and send mail. Furthermore, sony playstation officially supported games from the 'playstation 1' and 'playstation 2'. All game projects for playstation 3 support multichannel audio 5.1 (DTS, lmps and other popular formats). Audio processing is carried out at the software level, thanks to a new generation of cpu – Cell (Developed jointly by ibm, Sony and Toshiba Corp).

The main control center console features a graphical user interface called the Cross Media Bar (XMB), which was developed based on the interface of portable consoles playstation portable. The program is compatible with USB-devices (keyboard, mouse, mp3-player) and lets you view photos, play music and movies from your hard drive. xmb interface uses two types of accounts – the administrator and user through which you can define and limit certain rights to work with different categories of games, folders, files, movies, Internet services and so on. Operating system playstation consoles is Yellow Dog Linux v5.0, which provides players with access to your office computer functionality and thus makes it possible not to buy a normal pc. The system allows you to run OpenOffice, browsers FireFox and ThunderBird, as well as many other media and network applications.

To date, the console is the most affordable and versatile movie player. playstation supports the following disc formats: BLU-RAY, dvd, DVD-R, DVD-RW, cd, CD-R, CD-RW. In addition, the console supports universal voltage, and This means that buying a console, for example, in Japan, it is possible to connect in Europe without a special adapter and other add-ons, which makes the playstation truly mobile and portable system. For disclosure of all multimedia opportunities for the console, Sony has launched a free Internet service – playstation Network Platform. This service allows you to download to your hard drive different content (demos, videos, music, patches), play and communicate with other users through voice and video chat, exchange messages in the game and outside game through text and images, find information about interesting projects, search for game servers and more. Services also . And for fans and fans of games was launched a special online store – psp Store, where you can pay a subscription to mmorpg (Massively Multiplayer Online) and priobritat music, videos and games from the ps, PS2, PS3, psp, demo psp, PS3 and unique content for games. All participants will be available for special playstation tv for information storage, in addition to removable hard disk, you can use a memory card. In addition to cards Memory Stick (Standard / Duo / PRO), playstation 3 can work with maps in sd (Standard and mini size) and CompactFlash (Type I and II).