Netbook (English Netbook) – this small compact laptop, intended it to grant access to the web, actually, so it is well named. In our century, this thing is becoming quite popular. A reason a few: Convenient; Lightweight; Low power consumption; Inexpensive. Almost all notebooks do not exceed the size of a school notebook A5 size and weight of an average of no more than 1 kg. Of course, any portable device should have long-lasting battery raboty.Kak rule while the netbook is dependent on the capacity of batteries and power consumption of all components of ustroystva.

netbook battery power ranges from 2 to 10 hours. This is achieved by using high capacity batteries and components with low power consumption. For netbooks, Intel has made cost-effective line of processor Intel Atom, having small power consumption and low heat. In all netbooks used operating systems based on Linux or Windows xp. To all manufacturers of netbooks, Microsoft has allowed the installation of Windows xp.

But Microsoft has established several restrictions on the hardware: ram – no more than 1 gb. Diagonal screen size not more than 10.2 inches (25.9 cm) Hard disk – no more than 80 gb if using solid-state drive – no more than 16 gb. should be absent functionality of a Tablet pc. Video card with support for DirectX at least version 9 is now the netbook market is booming and constantly emerging new modeli.Ne a netbook is not highly performance. So, if you need a portable workstation, better pay attention to ultra .Oni much more expensive but more powerful than any netbook.