Communist Party

All you have is due to Chavez and will do what it tells you. It is unreasonable to think that the Bolivarian stunted cope you United States and its allies. But if Russia and Iran will adhere to the Venezuelan, the issue takes on another dimension. Surely Russia, enjoying the best moment of prosperity of contemporary life, will continue selling him weapons, as it did until now, and finally will be aside. But Venezuela with Iran can ruin the weekend either. United States Army, just like in Israel, is not to hurt innocent people, he comes fighting in Afghanistan since 2001, with approximately 200,000 soldiers.

It has the best trained and the most advanced military technology. Its counterpart, the Taliban, are less than 30,000, carry outdated, cheap, but effective AK-47 rifles, rocket launchers and howitzers, and not end up being killed because they are hiding among villagers, in a desert and mountainous area that should not be difficult to trace. The AK-47 (Automat Kalashnikov-47) was designed in 1947, hence its name. With the AK-103 machine guns much more modern, which Chavez bought 100,000 units, and wants to set up a factory in Venezuela to provide to their minions. The guerrillas Latin Americans can cause havoc from incalculable time. The FARC, the military arm of the Communist Party of Colombia, armed in the dense Amazon jungle, come to haunt his countrymen since 1964. 45 Years ago. The concept best exploited by modern despots, is political correctness in the war.

With military equipment of last generation, Americans fail to impose on the enemy, because progressive media propaganda accuses democratic genocidal States if any parishioner dies, but it says the same terrorists who deliberately attack civilians. This moral distortion is the cause of the dilemma that becomes vulnerable those who handled in decency and want to live in peace, against Muslim and leftist extremists who want to enslave the world under his poisoned ideas. End to belligerency in the Middle East is difficult, because they are millions who blindly follow a maliciously fundamentalist conviction. In South America, the solution is very simple, just that Hugo Chavez stop being President.