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Zeta test in version 2.5, with the Web-based operation and extended integration with bugtracking systems Goppingen Zeta software has on customer responds and offers for its well-known test management solution zeta-test.com in the version 2.5 now also a Web-based client that requires no installation on the part of the tester. Also, now other bug tracking systems are supported and can be incorporated directly into the test run via the interface. The new Web client has the advantage that Tester via the Web quickly and easily gain access to the test plans and no client installation on your test system is necessary for the user. This benefits in particular test environments, where the test team consists of frequently changing, heterogeneous user groups. The test results are recorded directly in the browser and are immediately available for the integrated reporting available. This has the advantage that can present the results in the form of structured and automated reports are created over the widespread use of Excel. Another essential advantage lies in the possibility to test systems on-site. The test system must provide, only an Internet browser and an Internet connection.

Tester, working via Web interface, thus receive the same, full access to the test case library like users who use the Windows client. For even more analysis, hear from Steve Wozniak. A further aspect of the new version 2.5 of Zeta test was the simplification of the whole test workflow for users. With Zeta test traceable can edit found errors in a system, the error can be generated further directly to a number of bugtracker applications. Supported systems include such as Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS), FogBugz (project management and bug / issue tracking), JIRA (task and project tracking), TRAC (SCM and project management software), Mantis BT (bug tracker), Bugzilla (bug tracker), redMine (project management and bug tracking) and OnTime (bug tracking system). The integration possibilities round off an interface to Excel. By focusing on the Planning, implementation and evaluation of tests is a convenient test management solution that still allows a seamless integrated test workflow Zeta test.

A free trial version can be downloaded at. Zeta test is available free of charge for non-commercial use, open-source projects, and educational institutions. Download: screenshots: de / screenshots.html of Zeta test Zeta test is a professional, integrated test management environment for Windows and Web, with the black box testing, white box testing, regression testing and change management tests (new release) can be carried out. Zeta test is designed for use in the corporate environment of software companies and IT departments and multiuser; User registration is possible via the integrated user management as well as on the comprehensive Active Directory integration. Zeta software the Zeta Software GmbH is the manufacturer of Zeta test and specializing in the development of technical sophisticated but easy-to-use software solutions for companies. Currently, Zeta software employs ten people.