World Championships

In June in St. Petersburg, Russia ended the championship in swimming, and in August the World Championship in this unique sport. Unique because it is difficult to find a more useful classes for adults and children. "Swim like everyone, and besides – can engage in activities, even those people for whom exercise is contraindicated in the other. In addition, the ability to swim – one of the main components of security, especially taking into account that rest on the water – our tradition "- said the famous Russian swimmer Vladimir Salnikov. Meanwhile, Russia has experienced a shortage of material and technical basis for the development of the sport: as noted by one outstanding national swimmer Alexander Popov, in our country are many rivers and lakes, but swimming pools are still lacking. Last autumn, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said that physical culture and sports in our country is regularly engaged in only 15% of citizens.

According to the President, it speaks not so much indifference as a lack of opportunities, including and related to the acute shortage of swimming pools 1. For example, according Minister for Physical Culture and Sports of the Sverdlovsk region Vladimir Vagenleytnera, "athletes of the Middle Urals basin provided only 12-14%, which hinders the development of junior sailing" 2. The situation in other regions do not better. In the development of navigation is interested not only the state: for business, this sphere of the market is also extremely attractive. "Experience shows that no pool in our country is not empty", – says Vladimir Salnikov. Demand on the sport and just a good time spending big. "Clearly, the instant a strong network of swimming pools can not be established. However, there are modern construction technologies, which allow to build such objects in a very short time.

For example, today the technology of the construction of sports facilities, including – pools of various sizes, from light metal ", – said Vladimir Salnikov. "As this technology construction of a fully manufactured at the plant, then it was brought to the site and collect, as a designer – says the company , the leading European provider of solutions made of metal for construction and engineering industries. – A large building with a 25-meter pool at several tracks built in less than a year, and this with all the approvals. " In the short term can be constructed and the very bowl pool. For example, the French company has developed a new jean desjyoaux design bath basin. The pool walls are plastic formwork, which, after reinforcement and concreting design gives improved stability. In this case the construction is not requires the construction of reinforced concrete foundation, and it significantly faster and cheaper project as a whole. Develop diving – not only good for the country, but also advantageous in terms of both the state and individual entrepreneurs. In the end, the state with the largest reserves of fresh water on Earth is simply a shame not to have the required number of pools. 1 2