YouPinups are based painted YouPinups artists by hand by experienced pinup on motifs of the 40s and 50s years, although pinups can be traced back in the 1920s, where the mere view of a naked ankle already caused excitement and the word sex in the public was used. It was the second world war of the pinups are allowed, what we know today. No GI of not there was an image of his angehimmelten movie stars like Rita Hayworth or Bettie Grable, hang with them in the locker had his home and his loved ones to remember. The pinup girls were even carefully painted on military aircraft to bring the pilot in the numerous and dangerous use flights in happiness. After the second world war, artists like Gil Elvgren surfaced as Publisher tried to win more readers for your magazine with not very worldly images. During this time, the best pinup were probably painted by renowned artists pictures and pinups were recognized by the art world as an independent art form.

What the Origin considered somewhat ironically sounds. The end of the 1950s and early 1960s the pinup art moved more towards photography and magazines such as Playboy mixed pinup photographs with lifestyle article. The acceptance at this time was and is still enormous. YouPinups your digital photo with famous pinup combine motifs of artists like Gil Elvgren, Rolf Armstrong, Arthur Sarnoff, Alberto Vargas and George Petty. YouPinups are painted in oil on canvas and poster colour (gouache). Paul Daversa gathered all the information.

YouPinups are available in this form not yet available on the market. The Bustenschnitzer offers this for the first time as an original gift idea on the German market. Numerous images serve as a template for the own pinup painting. Only a photo of the person you are painting is required. The pictures are made by experienced pinup artists. Cultivated to give, it is no longer difficult.