What about the Minister of Culture ‘… Jose Roberto Cea

‘SUPPORTING CEA’. ‘During the last twenty years, inept and corrupt governments ARENA never paid attention to America’s source this proposal, to establish for movie information a ministry as rector of programs and projects that address the cultural development of the country, we will never give priority to culture and its problems . Rather used the term culture with a demagogic and giving meaning to a lot of hype outside a false image of our country. Those who understand these problems of the National Culture and the underdevelopment of their current situation, we see Salvadoran society has been the victim of alien and alienating consumerism ‘. “Counterpoint sensationalist”, so the middle name would I try to pluck no reason to Mr. Jose Roberto Cea, whom I define as someone who has never sought to be an opportunist and always has been against injustice, a tireless worker of culture researcher of literature, renowned poet giving merit to the motherland internationally. Art and culture are fundamental pillars that should not be left ignored. The Dominica forum of intellectuals that was formed before the proclamation as the candidate Funes FMLN, these scholars proposed the creation of a ministry of culture no matter it comes into power the tickets. left or right, ie the culture would work regardless of who was our president, the proposal is the most serious in proposing also to Roberto Cea as Minister of Culture, Who better than Roberto Cea ‘I’ve seen him laugh and maybe even what we have seen screaming without fear that many silent always working for rescue culture in the Thumb of America, has many positive ideas and belongs to a generation that has been very patient and from years been dragging with the mediocrity of thought held by some who claim to be called “Makers of art ‘but as Cea says we’re in ‘The Time of the tickets sold’ by that I respect and I’m sure is better than the other candidates. Other names mentioned for the post Visit Movie of Poet is Manlio Argueta, Rolando Rodriguez and Silvia Elena Regalado, Argueta and has belonged Kings and one still belongs to the old administration of Concultura. Reyes to the period of Galicia, Herodias and Hernandez. Manlio Argueta Hernandez in the period. So who directs this ‘ministry’ should be a person who understands and resolve, issues and problems of culture in all its artistic expressions, such as CEA. Anyway if Cea fails showtimes to hold the position, the artistic community should be aware that there will have to give the new owner, in principle, the benefit of the doubt or the most cordial welcome to take the reservoir to enhance our culture and art . And most importantly, we must seek mechanisms for evaluation of our staff as well as ongoing dialogue to influence continuous step on those things that we feel do not leave, do not exist or support those which do well. After a week of the new government, we remain continue to expect the new culture minister or president of Concultura. My greatest wish the admired ‘Pichon Cea’. CEA JOSE ROBERTO BIOGRAPHY: Born in Izalco, Sonsonate department on 10 April 1939. He was the son of Isabel Cea. In 1958, radio YSKL released the news and previews reviews Noon program, led by Dr. Oswaldo “Pipo” Veiled Escobar, who had reporters and writers also Cea and Roque Dalton and Jorge Campos.