Vanny welding technique used in welding steel reinforcement bars of diameter 20-100 mm, the joints of multilane reinforcement of concrete structures, joints flanges bent from the fringes of large cross section, as well as other details. For Welding vannym way horizontal bars use a special steel molds. The shape is welded to the metal interface and remains on the rod after completion of welding. Before welding the ends and sides, the surface of all smooth out the rods with a steel brush. The gap between the rods should be 1,5-diameter electrode (coated). The discrepancy between the axes of rods shall not exceed 5 / o the diameter of the rods. Also used copper shapes, removed after welding. Initially melted bottom wall form and weld it to the edges of the bars without the addition of welding rods.

Gradually, producing oscillatory motion perpendicular to the axis electrode rods all section of the joint. Excess slag is removed from the bath scoop. Metal bath should be kept in a liquid state to the ends of the rods to fuse with the metal bath. After welding, the arc of a half section of the joint direct mainly on the middle part of the bath, reducing the heating of the ends of the rods. To prevent the formation of a joint piping give him a thickening of 2-3 mm in height. To increase the deposition rate, lower bath temperature and reducing the amount of slag in arc welding additional steel bars are introduced.