Tag News

– language of the written channel (to refer to abbreviations of languages defined by W3C). – Copyright information on the channel. – E-mail editor, the channel contents. – E-mail Webmaster channel. – Posted content channel (date and time must be RFC 822). – Date of last change of content channel (date and time must be RFC 822).

– The category to which the channel. – A program that generated the file channel. – A reference to the documentation of the used format of the channel. – A reference to a web service that supports the interface rssCloud. – Life-time in minutes that the channel can be cached.

– Image GIF, JPEG or PNG, which can be displayed with the channel (tag must soderdat attributes, which indicates a link to a picture, which indicates an explanation of the picture, and that contains a link to go on the picture can also be given parameters and). – The rating of the channel. – Text input that can be displayed with the channel. – Information aggregators, the hours can not handle the channel. – Information aggregators which days you can not processing channel. Elements of the tag A tag is a child of the tag. A channel may contain any number of articles, that is, any number of items. Required elements are the tag in the example above, and below lists all the possible options that can be used for news: – the name of news. – Link to full versions of news. – A short version of news. – E-mail the author. – The category of messages. – A reference to comments page. – A media object that is attached to the message (tag must soderdat attributes, which indicates a reference to the attached file, which specifies the size of the attachment in bytes, and that describes the type attachments). – A unique message identifier.