To move a car on the road, you need a valid insurance who moved his car on the public roads without to demonstrate a valid motor insurance, which makes made punishable by law. It is however known to every holder of a car. Nevertheless, their Versicherung has expired cars on German roads again and again. Because the holder has not paid the dues, unless for other reasons. Many a rider seems to be not really aware how easily the police, thanks to the technical level today, can check whether a vehicle has a valid insurance cover. A civil strife, which leaves behind a car, is not easy to detect. But can ask for on the basis of the license plate in minutes when the VTS Centre, whether there is a motor insurance to this plate.

This is not the case, the car stops immediately. The driver no longer has the ability to bring the car home because it is still in place forced stillgelegt. The costs incurred by the holder thereof, even a really bad display comes to in the vast majority, if not in all cases, because driving without valid auto insurance is not just a trifle. Ultimately, is the owner or the driver deliberately and thus exposing other traffic participants of an incalculable risk. The insurance to compensate for other road users in the event of damage to property or personal injury due to an accident -, but this can only be guaranteed if the holder of the car paid the contributions and otherwise to comply with his duty.