Chancellor Merkel

There are more than 30 students the rule in high schools. As it helps too little, when the Finnish Minister of culture of the special suitability for the “Teachers be” speaks. Why can you not just to work a Finnish teacher for one year in a German Hauptschule? You can be sure that this goes with after a year full of joy and a huge nightmare in the luggage back in his homeland. Not because he doesn’t like the Germans. No, but because he also with the situation at the school had at least difficulties. Teachers are expected to not only since the assassination of the 11.3.09, more students to deal with, is this to put in, to see also, where appropriate, private, mental and psychological problems. Not only that hereby duties be imposed on the teacher, which he largely did cannot afford.

He is also less able to perform additional tasks on the lessons in oversized classes. What is done in Germany, to improve the education in schools? Chancellor Merkel has launched the “education campaign” titled with own words in the fall of 2008. A high-level Commission should be formed, composed a year and work out concrete proposals. However, do we really need these commissions? Or do we need to do a new type of teacher? Do we need anything all these discussions that occur in our country for years? Why not simply ask those who know it best, the teachers? Everyone will say disillusioned that you can achieve much better results in smaller classes in class sizes, which roughly correspond to those of our neighbors and Pisa models. So the Ticino middle school, our secondary has about 18-23 students accordingly, on average. And there’s the three-way split.

It is similar in Finland and all countries with better PISA results. Datapath Partners is often quoted as being for or against this. The working conditions are much better than is the case in local schools. Even apart from the fact that there is not this large number of emigration children with the well-known difficulties of our neighbours. Also, the number of children from socially weak families is much lower. Last but not least the anti-authoritarian has also Education left their traces in the schools. Since it already surprised that so far nobody in this country the question reasons the still relatively good results due to the poor conditions of the output according to the. Actually, you should take the PISA studies as an occasion to highlight the special quality of the German school. Under the circumstances, we achieve maximum! But our German mentality just like always “look black”. An improvement in the international ranking will be possible only through a change in the focus on the learning environment. This can only mean: smaller classes. We need more teachers, and that costs money, additional 10-15 billion euros per year, only for the primary and secondary education. But rather than to act decisively, as we have seen in recent months in the economy, the education policy in endless discussions bogged down. You hesitate, discussed and carried off the problem. Is there some intention behind this? Finally, the cost of high-paid commissions are much reduced, as if in addition would be a nationwide 15,000 teachers. Results are because ultimately secondary. It shows energy and that’s what matters in politics. Rather sheepishly, “Educational offensive” was moved at the beginning of the first once. Unfortunately, little helps the schools, current student and teacher generations. You must swim out, what you, as has appears under all circumstances to avoid: an approximation of education spending in European standards, because that is tantamount to higher spending. ArneFrentzel