United States Exports

Now it is amid a global economic crisis. especially for the United States that has generated a financial crisis has seriously affected the stock markets of the capitalist world. As a noticias.latam.msn.com exposed according to the Ministry of Foreign Trade, from the first of Eneroa 2010, Costa Rica enter the U.S. market without paying taxes for 99% of its exports, ranging from tropical fruits computer circuits. United States is the main trading partner of Costa Rica, for it buys half of its exports, more than 9,000 million dollars a year, but demand could fall by the financial crisis hitting the economy. Through November, U.S. exports amounted to 3610 million dollars.

It’s diverse product offerings that Costa Rica export and ranging from syringes, needles, catheters and the like, computer parts and accessories, articles and orthopedic appliances, medical instruments and devices, and veterinary surgery, banana, pineapple and coffee. As regards investments, expectations are hopeful of maintaining that line numbers one billion dollars, according to the ministry. It is expected that telecommunications and insurance absorb the bulk of foreign investment, sectors which are open to private competition soon after decades of state monopoly, as a result of NAFTA.