The Pleasure Of Watching A 3D Movie

New movies that have successfully developed in 2010, and more often are often accompanied by the 3D (three dimensional) image. Of course, in order that man coolly saw things finally find themselves before a three-dimensional, any eye provides much of their brain in a special way the different perspectives. However, viewing such films are most often made in the film center in order to view the 3D movie building will not spend a little bit a small bag of equipment (goggles, and it is likely just the same special monitor). Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with David S. Levine. That means the cheapest view those receiving the latest movies in a completely residential development criteria anaglyph (points available from colored filters – more or less approximate the cost of equipment 350rubley) carefully works to at least monitor what, in the absence of points the picture will seem especially bifurcated. Perhaps the next often met daily to this day slide design (120 – gertsovoy monitor, stereo shutter glasses synchronizing with the monitor via infrared – the transmitter – on the whole approximate cost of the equipment 20-thousand.

rubles) set correctly could happily confine very cheap in fact, although the picture looks fantastic 3D (in the second long seen as 60 images for 1 and 60 eyes shifted slightly to the contrary). Also has a reception to view these films in in a good residential design criteria for polarization – completely separate images for the left eye and right eye-shaped polarization means more or less adequate image (the monitor, the polarization points – as usual exemplary hardware costs 15 rubles.). It seemed that you probably are interested in where it is possible to independently voprosets find interesting 3D movie, no matter what closer accepted stereotypical 3D Vlu-ra, drives with three-dimensional image data on media is still too little. But there are others abilities. Of course, such as for example online (on YouTube quietly laid out is not very big movies in 3D), it is possible to deep but not limited to search these movies in a general search engine (and so Yandeks dalie). However, it is also possible in cold blood to detect 3D motion pictures and on DvD, most of the truth of their own exhibit only two-dimensional image, although the player RowerDvD 10 3D Ultra can safely add the stereo and generally results in just such films. In any case, although the quality of 3D is not quite surprising. Perhaps three-dimensional technology has not yet won the movie industry, took great for home computers.