The Land

The rich and poor wars, illnesses, inaqualities between, countries developed in detriment of needy countries. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Toshiba. The picture that if drew was black. did not delay to appear the first symptoms of the collapse that if approached: the extinct drinking waters scarcity, forests in agony, animals, the global heating and many other effect that were ignored by world-wide leaders and the population in general. 2021 were the year of the collapse. The Land entered in a cycle of catastrophes never before seen in all its history. Millions of people died the all moment. Despaired and without other options not to be to join itself, the humanity gave the hands to prevent what she seemed to be the end. The wars had ceased.

Rich countries had started to help the poor countries and these differences had been diminishing, new technologies, cleaner and efficient, untiringly they had been searched. The reforestation, conservation of the forests that had remained and despoluio of waters had been other taken steps. Thanks to this, today we have a free world of wars, with a igualitria society and joined countries more. The concern with the environment is something constant, therefore it is difficult to conciliate high technology with the balanced ecosystem. Great areas exist in which the Men cannot at least enter, they are considered basic for the healthful existence of our planet. The question of the energy still is a heel of Aquiles of our scientists.

Although great advances to have if materialize in the exploitation of the energies solar and aeolian, but are not the sufficient for as many on computers permanently in the whole world. Everything what we make always has a computer for close. Machines that serve in them for everything. Until our educational system if they relieved. The traditional schools (I still arrived to frequent one when small one) do not exist more.