About Google Adwords

In this article I will speak, although very brief, on the advertising system most used on the Internet and the best results given. Hear other arguments on the topic with Bryant Walker Smith . First a brief description to know that it is. Adword is a system for making advertising on the web with sponsored listings (paid advertisements) the vast majority of Internet users who enter the web trying to find something makes it through Google, for this simple reason, (because most uses it) is that the results offered in terms of advertising are the best. In Google nothing is improvised or RID random, everything is perfectly calculated and in addition they are always innovating in terms of technology, practicality, effectiveness, support etc. Your competition is always ahead. There are two ways to put ads on Google and in the two cases are extra.

1) Orientation by network DEBUSQUEDA: they are ads that are shown when someone enters the search engine and placed a particular keyword in the search bar. Ads that appear at the top (usually with yellow background) and the ads that appear in the right margin (usually 8 ads or less) that are called, sponsored links. (2) Guidance for content network: Are ads that appear within the web sites and which are distinguished because they have a presentation that says: Google ads, can be in any part of the website that the place where they appear chooses it the webmaster of the site; These ads are relevant to the web site in question. Many writers such as Pete Cashmore offer more in-depth analysis. These two possibilities have different ways of payment, one is PPC or Pay Per Click (pay per click) in this case Google will charge everytime someone clicks on your listing no matter how many times the ad appears. Each time that displayed an ad on the search network, i.e. increasingly displays such advertisement, known as print, then it means that an ad can have many prints but a single click. You do not pay for impressions, but for the times that they have clicked.

The other option of advertising is CPM, or Cost per mille (cost per thousand impressions), here you will pay every 1,000 impressions, your listing will be displayed thousand times and there Google will be charged, regardless of whether they have done click on the ad or not. The advantage of advertising in sponsored links is that they are based on keywords, so the announcement can direct you to the public who really interests you. Google Adwords is a very complete and complex system of advertising and to talk about and list their advantages, variants, possibilities, methods, tools, etc would need to write it, not in articles, but in books, and in fact already have been written many. Anyway, I recommend that you interests in this and spend some time to know more deeply this system which is really very useful for everyone who knows how to manage it and take advantage of their wide possibilities in my new site, within very little, you will find lots of information in this regard. Finally: Like everything on the Internet, it is also necessary to know and know well that it is, I assure you that learn it cam long and also to apply the updates, changes and renewals Permanent; but believe me, very few things you will find on the Internet that is as exciting and to provide as much information and learning material. Now you take care of discovering it and apply it to your benefit.

The Land

The rich and poor wars, illnesses, inaqualities between, countries developed in detriment of needy countries. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Toshiba. The picture that if drew was black. did not delay to appear the first symptoms of the collapse that if approached: the extinct drinking waters scarcity, forests in agony, animals, the global heating and many other effect that were ignored by world-wide leaders and the population in general. 2021 were the year of the collapse. The Land entered in a cycle of catastrophes never before seen in all its history. Millions of people died the all moment. Despaired and without other options not to be to join itself, the humanity gave the hands to prevent what she seemed to be the end. The wars had ceased.

Rich countries had started to help the poor countries and these differences had been diminishing, new technologies, cleaner and efficient, untiringly they had been searched. The reforestation, conservation of the forests that had remained and despoluio of waters had been other taken steps. Thanks to this, today we have a free world of wars, with a igualitria society and joined countries more. The concern with the environment is something constant, therefore it is difficult to conciliate high technology with the balanced ecosystem. Great areas exist in which the Men cannot at least enter, they are considered basic for the healthful existence of our planet. The question of the energy still is a heel of Aquiles of our scientists.

Although great advances to have if materialize in the exploitation of the energies solar and aeolian, but are not the sufficient for as many on computers permanently in the whole world. Everything what we make always has a computer for close. Machines that serve in them for everything. Until our educational system if they relieved. The traditional schools (I still arrived to frequent one when small one) do not exist more.

Robert Mezinha

Good night, mezinha wanted! It forgives not to have before come to visit Mrs. I could not. He was a little confused with everything what he happened. But now I am well, and I came to show the Mrs. so that it is certain. I am in the company of vov Lucila, mezinha. It is excellent and takes care of very well of me. It was received who me when I arrived of change.

It cannot come today with me, and asked for that I said that it loves very to all vocs, and that she feels much homesickness. It said that daqui little we will be all together again, but meanwhile does not happen, that they follow in front with faith in God, our father and protector who never abandons in them. Mezinha, I know that you mine has cried very of homesickness. Oh, mother, do not need this not, its bobona! I am excellent, I see. He does not lack nothing to me. I am calm as it never stows before. until my pains had passed, mezinha. This is not wonderful? I feel myself new in leaf.

I felt pain since that I was born, I am not, dear mother? Mrs. always took care of of me. I am thankful, I saw to it very? Mezinha, not to feel pain is a so good sensation. I passed now in the room of my brothers, before I came to see to it. As they had grown mezinha. Marcia already is a young woman and Robert a youngster. I know that vocs they are taking care of very well one of the others. I know that very they are joined. Mother, them very goes to be happy, believes. They go to be somebody in the life and to full to it of pride, Owner Maria. goes to also give many grandsons to it, that they go to run for the house all, fulling this here of much joy. Mezinha, I need to leave now, but I want that he knows that my thought is always in Mrs. Love I you very. I go to delay a little to come back to visit to it, but he does not think that abandoned I it. I never would abandon to it, mezinha. Nor Mrs. nor to my brothers. We only need to wait a little, to congregate all again the family. It sleeps, mezinha. It rests. I know that you she is very tired, and therefore I go to make it an order: – Mezinha, does not need to visit my tomb every day. Mezinha, does not need!