The Cure at MSG

I have little to say about the presentation of The Cure, last Friday in this city that does not sound cheap guataquer a. Mainly because this was a concert that had to be rescheduled for almost a year, and after waiting so long with the ticket in his pocket, logic suggests that one save at least a little bit of resentment. But apparently aware of the precarious state of mind of one of those who bought tickets for already so, Robert Smith and the boys were ordered to settle the grievance with nearly three hours of uninterrupted music.The concert was broadcast live well and live through the FUSE network. After presenting their opening act 65daysofstatic, whom I dare recommend without fear to disappoint anyone, the Cure began with a long version of “Underneath The Stars“. The repertoire included tracks from all the years of the band, with emphasis on those who are still fresh and the surface in the collective memory of his followers. The first theme was followed “Lovesong,” “The End of the World,” “To Wish Impossible Things, Pictures of You” and “Baby Rag Dog Book” and a very long and so on.which spread along three “encores and ended well after midnight. Attendance was as expected, heterogeneous mass. There were goths, punks, rockers, and many people without definite socio-cultural affiliation. All danced (to the U.S. and according to what the rhythm of this music can, of course), chanted and screamed themselves thoroughly. My seat this time was not very good, but anyway I would hang a fotis (and a couple of videitos I found on YouTube, as mine are to me takes forever to load), in order to illustrate what my poor eloquence left out.