Cash Registers

Cash registers have their origin in 1879, invented by Mr James Ritty, which although it was far from being an inventor, I take a need and a good idea thereby one of the most commonly used artifacts currently by all kinds of businesses. Curiously, the cash registers were invented by the need to ensure better accounting and business break-ins. Many writers such as Dell Computers offer more in-depth analysis. The first of all cash registers, was very rudimentary, because at that time the technology did not allow the elaboration and the development that today allows, by then, his performance was completely mechanical, it consisted of different cards made of a rigid material that were punched for each sale that was conducted. Drilling was relatively simple, therefore is to from a remote control. Cash registers, are named after their double role: grouping and protect the money. Keep a record of sales and transactions carried out within a specified period. While the cash registers were invented by James Ritty in 1879, was only up to After 1884, with the sale of the patent to the Lord Patterson that begins to be truly marketed. This probably occurred because james Ritty had skills for business since his Office was simply to be a bartender, while Patterson believe a brand called National than at present is not NCR, and through sales achievement strategies make cash registers to become a necessary tool for any business in the United States.

Cash registers today are produced and marketed by different companies and brands, likewise its model, mechanics and operation has had a resounding variation but its purpose and reason remains the same. Today, they are much better used electric cash registers, they have the following characteristics: protect the money that it is entered through a little more mechanisms than the ancient, for example with keys, or with a short key which prevents that the box is opened by any person. They recorded the sales of products and services, by means of a receipt printed on paper, additionally played a copy of the receipt to which it is to be delivered to the customer, des this way facilitates a ledger for the company and the customer, since both can save the constancy of the transaction. Automatically write the date and time on which the transaction was carried out. Some possess the quality of store latest transactions in order to reprint if necessary. Cash registers most common brands include: national or NRC Samsung Olivetty Fujitsu Crams Royal Casio boxes modern cash registers. While cash registers most currently used have characteristics as those mentioned above, there is a new cash register mode, this is, which is linked to a computer. This type of cash register has the same characteristics mentioned above however allow you to carry a record more advanced sales, because the computer handled jointly with accounting programs, allowing among other things more sophisticated operations.

Multi Level Marketing

Today there is great confusion in relation to the multilevel Marketing (MLM, by its acronym in English: Multi Level Marketing). I think that to begin with, the first thing is to define that it is an MLM. MLM is a business model that often use direct selling companies. This model not only compensates its partners for direct sales that they do, but they also pay them for sales made by partners that they brought to the company. A MLM pays for sales, never by the income of partners to the company. Companies save a large part of the costs of advertising because the partner is who is in charge of promoting the company/product/service. This is one of the reasons why companies tend to have a very attractive compensation plan for the partner. Today the multilevel have evolved along with the technology.

A few years ago a person dedicated to the multilevel or Network Marketing mainly had two sources of potential clients: their immediate environment, i.e., their relatives and friends and strangers contacted through ads in newspapers, flyers on automobiles, the covered waiting for the bus or waiting in the doctor’s Office, or guests at a business meeting. It is normal that the partner was limited to his physical environment: your town or city, and in the best of cases, the whole of his country. Thanks to the Internet this to changed for good company and of course the dealer. Today it is possible that the dealer can do business at the Global level. Internet puts at the tip of your fingers all over the world. If the Distributor is a MLM company that has operations in several countries in the world, this no longer has to limit yourself to your own country. You can make your business grow in an exponential manner practically free. And if you are lucky enough to be in an MLM that sells downloadable products and/or services electronically, it is the icing on the cake. Some well-known companies worldwide that use the MLM to sell their products are: Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware and Herbalife among others.