Multi Level Marketing

Today there is great confusion in relation to the multilevel Marketing (MLM, by its acronym in English: Multi Level Marketing). I think that to begin with, the first thing is to define that it is an MLM. MLM is a business model that often use direct selling companies. This model not only compensates its partners for direct sales that they do, but they also pay them for sales made by partners that they brought to the company. A MLM pays for sales, never by the income of partners to the company. Companies save a large part of the costs of advertising because the partner is who is in charge of promoting the company/product/service. This is one of the reasons why companies tend to have a very attractive compensation plan for the partner. Today the multilevel have evolved along with the technology.

A few years ago a person dedicated to the multilevel or Network Marketing mainly had two sources of potential clients: their immediate environment, i.e., their relatives and friends and strangers contacted through ads in newspapers, flyers on automobiles, the covered waiting for the bus or waiting in the doctor’s Office, or guests at a business meeting. It is normal that the partner was limited to his physical environment: your town or city, and in the best of cases, the whole of his country. Thanks to the Internet this to changed for good company and of course the dealer. Today it is possible that the dealer can do business at the Global level. Internet puts at the tip of your fingers all over the world. If the Distributor is a MLM company that has operations in several countries in the world, this no longer has to limit yourself to your own country. You can make your business grow in an exponential manner practically free. And if you are lucky enough to be in an MLM that sells downloadable products and/or services electronically, it is the icing on the cake. Some well-known companies worldwide that use the MLM to sell their products are: Avon, Mary Kay, Tupperware and Herbalife among others.