Kit Sewage

Also need to make a characterization of the projected construction, which would point to its name, the number of residents and the local sewage plant location cottage. Still need to calculate the flow of wastewater, namely water use and sanitation. By Kit documents are also applied sewage scheme in the country, will show the plan a treatment plant, is a diagram of the treatment of domestic sewage, septic tank performance, quality of treatment and the procedure for disposal formed in the course of such a system of waste. Finally, a stack of documents and diagrams complements characterization receiving water purified and clarified sewage. I do not pretend to be complete list of required documents. The information may be outdated, so I recommend to build a septic tank to consult the local authorities about the required documents at the moment. The most important thing when constructing sewage country home – do not harm the environment, and this requires that the quality of wastewater in septic tank liquids compliance with the norms of environmental organizations. Therefore, I suggest that you find all the requirements to effect cleaning and take them into account when choosing a septic tank.

This way you protect yourself from unnecessary expenses. Now, a bit of data needed to design and follow-up sewerage in the country. As I said earlier, one of the most important documents for the design of the local sewer district is a situational plan. You will also need to make topographical survey of the construction site and be sure to make an engineering-geological study the installation site septic tank. It is necessary to define the requirements for the placement of the installation that you will surely have to consider when building. When the device needs to know the number of sewage septic users, their permanent or seasonal residence, type of soil, groundwater depth, topography of the surrounding terrain, the location of the water intake system (if any nearby), the climate, the demands environmental organizations in the region. Finally, I would like to say a few words about the basic rules of design for private house sewer. Sewer construction work without a septic tank with waste water disposal in special airtight container (vygreb) for further exports to the wastewater treatment plant is permitted only with the consumption of water