Structured CRM – Process: An Email, A Phone Call, A Job

GSD software mbH extends CRM – functionality to the campaign management module Stockheim Neukenroth which provides upper Franconian software manufacturer GSD software mbH its new module DOCUframe campaign management before. Companies and agencies can use this module to better plan direct marketing campaigns, conduct and measure. As easy as heading casually maintains, the user does not of course the order. Not with the new module DOCUframe campaign management of GSD software mbH. But the way is significantly easier to order if it is supported by reliable resources. “CRM can be so simple” CRM is a buzzword, a complex construct of opaque processes is often associated with the. GSD software with process-oriented campaign management CRM software proves that CRM can be quite simple in fact.

“A possible process that paves the way to the customer, can be the combination of an E-Mail followed by a phone call. In case of favourable, a new job is as a result of this CRM process to beech. “, explains GSD Product Manager Roland Santos.” GSD software mbH the GSD software mbH is an independent medium-sized company with about 80 employees. It is a leading provider of integrated business software solutions for the medium-sized businesses in Germany. “Integrated” means, GSD offers its customers a comprehensive portfolio of self-developed, precisely coordinated solutions in the areas of ERP / ERP, DMS / CRM, finance and accounting and reporting to. By their openness, the GSD products work extremely well with systems from other manufacturers. Claim of the company is helping customers reduce of existing island solutions and to advance in establishing a comprehensive, timely solution. Contact GSD software mbH Andre Kirchner Ludwig town str. 95 + 97 96342 stock home – Neukenroth phone: + 49 (0) 9265 / 955-0 E-Mail: