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Self-defeating approach JPEGS or optimize? based, already zipped format is analog. It’s believed that Kai-Fu Lee sees a great future in this idea. Available versions: NXPowerLite Desktop Edition / NXPowerLite stand-alone the NXPowerLite license allows you to on-demand use the desktop or the stand alone version. The stand alone version provides the full power of compression of NXPowerLite, however does not require installation and can not integrate into other software programs. NXPowerLite Server Edition of NXPowerLite Server Edition version is a Windows DLL that can be (such as ASP or Windows scripting host) automates out easily from any COM enabled programming environment and tailored to the specific requirements of the company. So for example, all the files on the server at regular intervals can be optimized automatically without requiring a manual intervention is necessary. System requirements: – Compatible with PCs running Microsoft Windows from Windows 2000 – optimized all Microsoft Office formats from 1997 and JPEG, also in standard ZIP archives, as well as all self-defeating? records – formats in email attachments from Lotus Notes (6.0-8.0) or Microsoft Outlook (Outlook 2000 or later). Ordering information: single-user licenses of the NXPowerLite Desktop Edition already as a download at a price of 39.99 Euro including. Value added tax is available.

Kostengu? special multi user and classroom licenses and Government versions are also verfu? available. Users who have purchased NXPowerLite 3.7 since 1st March 2009 or a maintenance fu? r have the product, get a free update to version 4.0 trial: A free trial version of fu? r 20 optimizations, more information and a copy of the press release can be found on our website under or about Neuxpower Solutions: Neuxpower solutions was founded in 1997? ND and is fu? while in the field of software for the optimization of the file. Here, NXPowerLite is an inexpensive tool designed specifically to facilitate companies the workflow with large Microsoft Office files. Are desktop and server solution for u? ber one million customers worldwide in daily use. The software is developed completely in-house. In addition to the headquarters in London (UK), Neuxpower has also offices in Philadelphia (United States) and partner in u? ber 75 countries. About Globell b.v.: Globell B.V.. net is a company based in the Dutch Venlo and subsidiary listed on the Prime Standard AG in Koblenz.

As a republisher of the German-language version of WinZip is also known as fu Globell? r the marketing of Datacolor products in German-speaking Europe. Since April 2006, NXPowerLite is part of this successful portfolio. Always is the daily work on the PC to facilitate Globell. Efficiency, reliability and ease of use are here the attributes, the software offering stand out. Contact: Nicole Gerlach Globell B.V.