SAFIR (software Analysis For Inkjetpaper Resolution)

New software the INNOVATION GmbH has developed a new software for determining the optical resolution of inkjet media for determining the optical resolution. With SAFIR (software analysis for Inkjetpaper resolution) is a tool available that allows objective resolution analysis for ink printers, inkjet papers and inks of from different manufacturers. For this purpose, prints produced by a defined test image template (16 different colored Siemens star). In conjunction with a suitable flat bed scanner (2400 ppi optical resolution, TWAIN interface) SAFIR then scans the printed template and automatically evaluates them. As a result of the user to each Siemens star receives horizontal and vertical resolution figures, which allow an objective comparison. In addition to determining resolution performs the entire control operation for the scanner. The results, tables and graphs are automatically stored by SAFIR. The software is menu-driven and therefore easy to use. Sapphire runs on MS-Windows of based PC’s (starting with Microsoft Windows 2000). SAFIR is offered in three different versions; a free trial version for evaluation of a Siemens star is found under Ilona Guttler