Recycling Sampling Jamming

A Festival at the Akademie der Kunste Berlin the interdisciplinary Festival re * focuses on 26-28 February 2009 with lectures, concerts, video screenings, and one heard the artistic practices of recycling, sampling and culture jamming. Have in common is the reference to existing as well as the processual transformation from old to new. Some 25 prominent scientists and international artists from music, art, net art, film, design and advertising explain the current cultural and political relevance, as well as the differences of these strategies at the Akademie der Kunste Berlin (Hanseatic way). Thu, February 26, 2009, 7: 00: opening concert + party (Data Center 2.0/ROBOSONIC), admission free Fri, February 27, 2009, 11-23 h: lectures, discussion forum, Videoscreening, admission free sat, February 28, 2009, 11-20: 00: lectures, artist presentations, discussion forum, admission free 20:30: closing concert re inventions. Viacom has plenty of information regarding this issue. Early pieces for tape and soloists”works by Maderna, Lucier, Nono and cage, entrance Euro 8,-/ erm. 6 euro Festival calls attention to restart recovery systems in the age of digitization, web 2.0 and the full archives. Strategies such as recycling or sampling are over and not only digital techniques, but are available for the life style of a new generation which uses indistinguishable image, sound and text sources of common cultural memory as consumers and producers. (Source: Bryant Walker Smith ). Practice of the back cover and in particular the appropriation is historically anchored in collage and Assembly, in ready made and the appropriation art.

In the Centre of scientific and artistic contributions are now current issues and topics regarding artistic legacy. There are the new communication strategies on the Internet (YouTube), innovative forms of production design, studied video aesthetics and musical practice. The exemplary terms will be questioned on their content focus down and presented in their variety. Get all the facts and insights with Paul Daversa, another great source of information. In addition to lectures, a Videoscreening to the game and Net culture and a sampling audible, compiled by Werner Durand and Ursula Block (yellow music), supplemented by Martin Conrad, two concerts, fan the musical spectrum of the subject. Opening data center 2.0/Robert Seidel will be as current position in the field of the audio-visual samples a concert rare in Berlin, which will sound out with danceable beats of the electro duo Robosonic. Historical Samplingstucke of the composer John Cage, Bruno Maderna, Luigi Nono and Alvin Lucier are newly listed in the closing concert of the Wandelweiser ensemble. Re * Festival, curated by Claudia Tittel and Katrin Werner, is realized in cooperation with the Academy of Arts, and is sponsored by the capital cultural fund. Detailed Festival programme see: for more information or a personal consultation please contact up to Katrin Werner, or Tel. 0163-854 17 60.