Personal Ol, my name is Jonathan and today I am passing to say a little on promotions of aerial tickets. As I travel sufficiently, most of the time the work, always I am on the inside of the promotions and I finished learning some things with the time. But still I see many people who complain for never not obtaining to find a similar promotion for its cities and things. Then today I go to give one tip of where you are errando and as to make not to lose no great promotion of aerial tickets. One of errors that we commit are that alone we look tickets when we are wanting to travel, and normally is on of the hour.

One of the first rules to obtain to pay cheap is to buy with antecedence. When before you to obtain to plan themselves and to buy, better. The first tip is you here to look the information in the certain place. Instead of visiting the site of all the company, because you do not go in one alone place? This is the paper of the comparators of prices of tickets. There you inform the destinations of the flight and the dates and it price looks in all the optimum company. It sees here the site of the Travelia that makes well this service very. One another place that you can be of eye is in blogs of trips.

These faces travel sufficiently and dedicate the time to find promotions. Then he is on in these sites that you go to be knowing always before everybody on the promotions. I go to give here a tip of two good sites that I follow that they are very PAPromo – aerial tickets Travelling Born – aerial Tickets promocionais These know everything of promotion of aerial tickets. The third and last tip is for becoming this most practical one. It is total impracticable to visit these sites and blogs all day to know if it left a good promotion for the month that comes or this weekend. Then my tip is to follow the spreading for the social nets. It is much more easy and practical.