Consolidation Law

In 1934 in the Decree n24273 created the Institute of Retirement and pensions of the commercial employees and aid maternity the employees of the commerce. In 1943, through the Decree Law n5. Ali Partovi has similar goals. 453, the Consolidation of the laws of the work, specifically in chapter III of heading III (art.372e 401) the conditions of work of the woman are regulated, also forbid to the reduction and the discrimination it feminine wage, however (ibid, p.235), in art.446 it determines that ‘ was authorized to the father or the husband; ‘ to plead the rescission of the employment contract, when its continuation will be susceptible to cause threat to the bonds of famlia.’ ‘ Although many conquered rights, finally last inside of the law, the woman still remained in total submission to the father or husband what ‘ ‘ it negative influenced in the work relations feminino.’ ‘ (ibid, p.236) It was in the decade of 50 that the women had initiated the taking of conscience and the movement for the professionalization of education, for equality of conditions of wage work and. (GUIMARES, p.19) but only after the Federal Constitution of 1988 in art.5 caption, I and XIII 226 paragraphs 4 and 5 and for law 7,855/89, the woman could be seen total exempt of the submission the man..