Programming layered layered programming is a style of programming where the primary objective is the separation of business logic from the logic design, a basic example of this is to separate the data layer to presentation layer user. The main advantage of this style is that development can take place at several levels and, if there occurs any change, only the fact that the required level without having to go between code mixing. A good example of this method of programming would be the model of open systems interconnection. It allows to distribute the work to create a layered application, in this way, each working group is completely abstracted from the other levels, so that enough to know the API between levels. In the current design of computer systems often use multilevel architectures or programming layers.In those architectures at each level is entrusted with a simple mission, enabling the scalable architecture design (which can easily be expanded if the needs increase). The design is the design currently used at three levels (or three layers).