AdSense Affiliate Programs

Monetizing a site or make it profitable, it is not easy. First, because the variety of forms of monetization is great, and because it can never be sure when a form is better than the other. Everything leads us to the question: What is the best way to monetize my site?. Each site is a special case, that’s why some people find it more profitable systems like AdSense to direct sales. So, break off, the most common ways to make money and what are their pros and cons. AdSense and similar PPC and CPM Pros Make profitable sites with little seniority when implemented in specific niches, can bring big profits can be combined to increase profits are a lot of variety of alternative systems are usually quick to AdSense in terms of payment Contras are governed under rules that can change any day Some are intrusive many problems are created by “click fraud” in the PPC and by posting erroneous impressions in CPM Sites about subjects that are not wanted very low profits generated Despite being contextual, there is no control over the type of ads shown Affiliate Systems Pros Depending on the affiliate program, you can make big commissions and recurring over time companies give facilities to attract affiliates (banners, text, tracking systems, etc.).

They are usually not intrusive Many variety of affiliate systems (hosting, advertising companies, ebooks, etc..) Do not ask for injunction against the payment takes longer, as many companies offer trial periods are no contracts and sometimes through paperwork usually cause rejection regular readers targeted traffic is needed, people who want to buy the product Few products in Spanish Direct Sales Pros Earnings are total and not have to pay commissions to anyone Allows full control over the type of advertising that is displayed on the site You can create long-term treatment Contras moderate traffic is required at least in the Hispanic market opportunities to sell direct advertising are not as great as in the English market is not interested in non-specific sites are preferred sites specializing in a subject after seeing the pros and cons of each form of monetization may be a better idea of which system is more profitable for you. .