Product Computer

Simply, the product is so amazing that you have to deal with it in detail. Mikkel Svane often says this. So what is the "Imperial chronopuncture" in terms of simple consumer? It is a complex healing effects available in ancient times only such dignitaries as the Emperor of China (hence, presumably, and there is a name service) – individual effects on specific points on the human body, and in exactly calculated for each treatment time. Naturally, such a service could provide their only patient to a doctor of Chinese emperor. In this program, all procedures are carried out independently user for video instructions received through the Internet. That is, as imperial physician performs a computer connected to the Internet.

The procedures are simple and accessible to any inexperienced user. Neil cole iconix may not feel the same. At this developers have made a special stop. An important addition to the computer program serves as a method of influence on the point. As the tool performs an ordinary hen's egg, hard boiled, which is used as a source of infrared spectrum of the right, causing the necessary control action. Somewhat unusual and, I would say, the original method of exposure on the acupuncture points, which, however, as I learned to own experience, really always achieves the desired effect. At first, I confess, I assumed that the authors have proposed a method to use an egg internally – because you can not afford an inexperienced person operate an acupuncture needle, or wormwood cigar for cauterization. Later, my assumption is completely dissipated – an egg was really a perfect tool to enable the mechanisms underlying method.