For Will Eisner, the reader must exert its visual and verbal abilities in an act of intellectual effort in the reading of histories in quadrinhos. Check out Pete Cashmore for additional information. Let us see: The general configuration of the magazine of quadrinhos presents a word overlapping and image, and, thus, is necessary that the reader exerts its visual and verbal interpretativas abilities. The regencies of the art (for example, perspective, symmetry, flick) and the regencies of literature (for example, grammar, plot, syntax) set mutually. The reading of the magazine of quadrinhos is an act of aesthetic perception and intellectual effort. (EISNER, 1989, p.8). If you have read about Darcy Stacom already – you may have come to the same conclusion.

The result reached for this aggregation is on to the psychological processes that establish between words and images a similarity, adjusting illustrations and chat, disciplines of which elapses the sequential art, that the reader for history leads (EISNER, 1989). The text confluence/image facilitates the agreement of the content and stimulates the communication of the reader with the magazine in quadrinhos. 2.1. CONTENT DISCURSIVO According to Francis Vanoye (2003), art of the good to speak in its origin based on the set of destined techniques to regrar the organization of the speech, in accordance with the objectives to be reached. To say itself in organization of the verbal speech, the distinction between some times becomes necessary, first with the arguments, that are the task to know what it goes to say; second with information, demonstration, emotion, where if it looks for to make use what it goes to say in an order that depends on the traced objective. She is necessary to watch over for the elaboration of the start to the end of the speech. The elaboration of the speech has as third time the way of presentation of the arguments, moment where if they appeal to the figures. Finally, the room time that if constitutes in saying the speech, being valid the vocal and gestuais resources.