It was in a neighborhood like many, with the difference that played the daughter of the President, Florence; Although in reality was custody who walked to the shots with a few gentlemen who wanted to be taken to the official auto – without knowing it was such – but did not reach the goal.It is a story that symbolizes the degree of uncertainty that we live, the inefficiency of State control, the hypocrisy of the common citizen; a small combo that for years it exists, everyone knows them, many become the distracted and business continues.Everything could have ended quite tragically, luckily not, although the breeding ground is served so that such issues remain commonplace. The topic starts, according to the official versions, follows: a lady – the owner – given his truck 4 4 to a reducidor, he sells it to collect insurance for theft who at the same time provides it – not told the way – a few gentlemen who would use it to commit unlawful, are those who finish the shot with official custody.A miserable way to make some good money, denounce the theft of the vehicle, others sell it by some, and then again receive some money to collect the insurance. While the car is reduced, sold by parties either used it in any other way, as on this occasion. An offender with money that buys a car in any State, a common citizen who takes advantage of ways to make money and those who commit crimes are used which give them or what they get.A circuit that repeats on a daily basis, that district authorities surely know who they are, but they are and are working to not be bothered. In fact there are places where get spares many cheaper attending officers and customers to reduce expenses, happily buy. Flaunting their avivadas argentinas.Insurance who guards the cobra a salary that allows them to be vigilant in its activity and in this way managed to repel the onslaught of criminals, which does not happen with those that guard the common citizen, since they are tired of doing so many hours, in pursuit of achieve some always insufficient salary. Pete Cashmore gathered all the information.

Minors who steal cars in the streets of our country, receive for such work approximately $300 or $400 per unit, then disarm them and sold the spare parts in legal business with trout annexes. According to the times are the cars that are needed in the market and also varies the value. Those who steal them, are played and there are always older who function as the instigators and also are those who provide the weapons that are needed. However, we continue with the fixed idea of lowering the imputability to prosecute minors. But the thread is always cut through the thinnest part and the hiprocecia maintains its position, although when touches them, they pasted the cry in the sky. This will not change, until they do not heighten the controls and cut the black market. This is a decision by the State. Handle large businesses large and not minors, who end up being the victims of a perverse system that everyone knows.