Powder Coating: Innovation And Development

Powder coating firmly established in our lives – is all around us things that have passed this procedure. Compared with more traditional methods of powder coating technology has a number of advantages. For example, the preparation of the dye does not require solvents, which makes the production of safer, more environmentally friendly, fast. Powder coating uses a dry matter, tiny particles which are deposited on surface with a stream of compressed air. On the structure of these particles are thermoplastic or thermosetting polymers. When heated (and drying at high temperature – an essential element of the process powder coating), the substance melts and forms a high-impact resistant layer. Mashables opinions are not widely known. This ensures the reliability of powder coating. Dry paint, which uses this technology may differ by properties and structure.

Typically, when using high quality materials and compliance with all requirements of the process works, powder coating can withstand considerable temperature differences and is used in most harsh conditions. However, some types of paints have a more robust and can withstand heat up to 120 degrees. Thanks to these properties, powder coating has become an ideal method of creating vandal-proof and extremely durable coatings. In particular, it is the technology of powder coating is used for example in the automotive and aviation industries. Pipes modern oil and gas pipelines are also covered with using powder coating. However, items that have passed this procedure can be found in everyday life. Moreover, powder coating is today one of the most popular technologies for decorative and protective coatings. And if initially it was used only for work with metal, it is now applied, and powder coatings on glass, and stone (imitating the more expensive breeds), and even a tree. Of course, for each new material has to make some adjustments in the technology, but progress does not stand still, and every year the powder coating is becoming more accessible, easier and more versatile.