Music to Help Language Learning

Us Hispanic the speakers to learn lenguar anglian turn out to be a long and difficult process since languages as the English does not constitute itself with the same grammar that we found in the Spanish. For that reason to begin a process of learning of a language, in this particular case the English, is recommendable to try to approach more than he can to the new language or reading articles of languages or, as he raises east text, listening best music in English or language who is wanted to learn. Indeed at the time of learning English listening to music the guarantee is had that with a good listening will know new vocabulary because is very feasible to learn new words by means of it is listened to the songs anglian. P0or another side and thanks to the new technologies and new means of information and communication as the Internet is very profitable to unload the letters of the songs of the music of our taste, supported of a Castilian English translator is very easy to know the meaning the letters and of he is suitable there to put in practice articulation of the new language that we are learning. Finished to east safe step any person he will be able to pronounce perfectly, to foment listening and to exactly follow with rate and cadence the song that is being listened to. Similarly so that the learning process every time is more optimal is always recommended to try to leave verguenza and the fear to a side, to arriegar itself to be mistaken is true the key ones of the success at the time of learning and knowing another language. Thus when we apply this technique of learning we try to follow the songs and to sing them aloud, if there are errors are no problems, is a song and we repeated whichever times we need to do it until our mind and understanding reason they adapt, it and they distigan the vocabulary and the true sense of its letters, moved away of a literal translation to the Spanish but who one is not due to forget that English when owning a different grammar is not due to translate of litaral way the phrases and orations because they would change the total sense of the composition. Original author and source of the article